Verslag DF65/95 Dragon UK TT Series Valkenburgse meer

This report will be in English as our friends from the UK like to read this as well.

OK, Guys… Wind?? Hmmm I guess plenty!! What about rain?? Was it rain? Or just a huge bucket of water constant flying with 25 knots plus! horizontal over the standing area smashing into our faces and boats. Some said… it looked like KAAP HORN as at the upwind area the waves smashed into the wall and bounced back to the finish-line. Some boats had complete lift off in that area.

Are we all having a great time?? Shouts Mike Weston just before the races starts.. He repeats as we all mumbled.. “ yeahhh! Are we all having a great time?? YEAHHHHH!!!! we all shouted!! I am sure some of us did not meant that honestly.. but the fact was.. it was hilarious!!

Lets start from the Friday.. Myself was late that day so I missed the pre-racing at the location. Meeting centre was the bar at the VD Vlak Hotel with some drinks and off to the restaurant. Tjakko lead us to the Greek Restaurant. That was sooo good! But just before that there was still time to play some pool. Even that the english are good at! The perfect combination of drinks, laughs, pool and food! Not to mention the naughty jokes of Mike… He is sooo funny! It was superb to be among the UK team and having some great fun!. Off to bed because the days of sailing promised us huge fun and efforts to survive in upcoming weather conditions.

The Saturday was all about DF65 racing! Tjakko and the team were early at the scene to set up the course. Starting off with the B rig but ended up with the C. The wind even got stronger and it started to be very difficult to get your boat in the right direction. I missed many good starts as my DF65 drifted far out not possible to jibs or tack and be back at the startline in time. That by itself needs a good practice to learn how to handle the boat with 35 knots plus wind. Luckily I was not the only one..

16 races on the saturday. For sure we can say that we all learned a lot from the UK team. Best Dutch skipper was Huub Gillissen sailing the DF65 for the very first time. He loved it!! John Tushingham superb with Ken Binks close on 2nd and Buzz Coleman 3rd.

Saterday evening time for the Skippers Dinner at the VD Valk Restaurant. Drinks, food is a great combination for huge fun and laughter! It’s not all about sailing at all.. socializing and listen to great stories if just as important. Most about boats of course Even modeling with hot chocolade came to table! Again… exhausted after this day of sailing of to bed. The Sunday was coming up. Even more severe weather was expected.. but.. with the DF95!! 
Sunday.. DragonFlite95 Day!

Yep… opening the curtains early morning…RAIN!! And WIND! Wow.. this is going to be awesome! This days of sailing you need good clothing! All set up with sailing suits wear to keep dry. But even that did not completely help. Everything was WET WET WET! But the wind was better that the Saturday so sailing with the C-rig. Boy.. the 95 is a quick boat.

“Are we all having a good time??!! Mike Shouted… I guess you can imagine the reactions… YEAHHHH. Even louder then saturday!

John Tushingham was the absolute master this weekend. And showed us some great technical sailing leaving us all far behind. It is magical even.. Huge fun that day!
16 races of fun was the max for the Sunday and again the best Dutch was Huub Gillissen. 1st Master John T, changing positions from Saturday 2nd and 3rd with Ken and Buzz. 

It was all so good to talk to everybody and meet up again. Hopefully soon a revanche! 

Time to dry all sails, bits, parts and recover from a weekend full wind and rain! Luckily it was not too cold!!
Price-giving was just as nice as on the Saturday. Wine it issss!! ( I finished mine already….) Stroopwafels and Delfts Blauw napkins!!

Tjakko Keizer, a huge thank you for organizing this TT series. Setting up a weekend as this takes so much efforts and time. Lots of respect. This was a weekend we will never forget. Marcel Bleeker and the rest of the RG65 National organization thanks for all the efforts. Harry Drenth behind the scenes for the scoring at

Peter Vulperhorst

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